Thursday, November 19, 2009

Igor + Andre

Take a deep breath.
You're going to fall as quickly as I did for this artist. Danny Roberts has a skill that is undeniable. His sketches are of images of models and various muses. His eye for detail and the creativity of his work is simply breathtaking. I am currently mulling over which of his sketches would look best in my bedroom. I've wanted to purchase some of his work for months now and not only would it be an investment piece because I would love it forever, but there is something to be said about art or an artists work that you feel has been created for you and only you. I came across his website Igor + Andre by chance, and ever since I've been drawn to his site on a weekly basis to check for new work. Did I mention that he was featured in Vogue Germany & US Elle?

Expect to see more images of his work!

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  1. Oh wow! what a wonderful post!
    thank you so much! :)