Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ms. Clementine

This is the lovely Ms. Clementine - she's all orangey and super fine! She has a fascination with orange hues - and when deemed appropriate she prefers to go with out shoes. And, just because she roams around shoeless - doesn't mean she's totally clueless - she's rockin' a Halston gown and basking in it's newness! She loves her some barefoot dancin' and is of the fun-all-the-time philosophe' - so much so that she accentuates the apostrophe'. She'll pour herself a delicious orange cocktail - it's basically a screwdriver, only totally upscale. She'll spin some old records and turn them up loud - she'll sing and dance like she owns it, all confident and proud. Her living room becomes her own studio 54 - all decked out in her fabulous clementine decor. And when her night is done - and up comes the sun - she'll flop down on the sofa and reminisce about all her fun. She'll take a nap, then do it all again, which I guess is just fine - for I wouldn't expect anything less from the lovely Ms. Clementine.

Design + Poetry: Mrs. Lilien

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