Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ms. Masquerade

Ms. Masquerade is a rather fun and fancy Ms indeed - she's pretty much the queen of fun times and eternally jollied. She gets invited to all sorts of Party of The Century events - attended by people with an array of glamorous accents. She dresses the part looking all kinds of mysterious - and trying to figure her out will leave you intoxicatingly delirious. Mysteriousness aside, she's quite the conversationalist - she'll regale you with tales so exciting because she's a sensationalist. If you offer to fetch her another drink - she'll take the top shelf champagne, just make sure it's pink! She'll take whirls around the dance floor with all the fetching misters - and posture while she gossips with all her socialite sisters. And when it's not couples dancing she can really cut a rug - she's a true jitterbug master, a real swingin' spark plug! She has the art of looking glamorous down pat - she's even got the extra long gold ciggie holder and lighter to match at that! She's a total whirlwind and will leave you feeling dizzy - and no, it wasn't the 5 highballs filled with gin fizzy - it's just the effect she has that's left you in a loopy tizzy. So, the next time you find yourself at one of these sassy soirees - check out Ms. Masquerade, she'll have you glamorously skipping and singing hoorays!

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