Monday, April 5, 2010

Ms. Sherbet

Ms. Sherbet deserves a warm welcome - not only is she nice, but she's totally awesome! She adheres to a palate that's rather tangy - and steers pretty clear of all things ylang-ylangy! She's slightly poptarty, although utterly smarty - and when it comes to sherbet, she's never bogarty. On warm sunny days she'll whip up huge sherbet batches - assuring her ensemble matches - then makes special deliveries to all the town's catches. And while she's out walking, she gets the town talking - about her tasty sherbet she's rocking. On her way home, she picks up some gin - to give her sherbet a fantastic little spin. She'll mix bowl of sherbet punch - and drink it down for her liquid lunch. And when she's done she'll take to her lanai - retiring in her lounger uttering a satisfied sigh. She'll close her eyes all smiley and relaxy - after a longs days work, she proudly pats her backsie!

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