Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ms. Why - Not

Oh my my... now this Ms is quite extraordinary - She's loads of fun and rather out of the ordinary. She loves making grand entrances this Ms. Why-Not - how could you possibly blame her, she's a total sex-pot! It's her Why-Not attitude that butters up this sweet sister - and it's also the trait that won over her now mister. She's a free spirit who does as she pleases - she partakes in accessorized drinks with lemon squeezes. Always bedecked in her most treasured items - she never leaves home without her baubles and gems. Upon first glimpse you might find her slightly wacky - but while in her company you can't help but feel drab and tacky. She forgoes all methods tried and true - and experiments with what ever she gosh darn wants to. She'll drag you out to the hot spot she's been dying to try - but question her not as her top notch taste you just can't deny. There's not much you can do to stop her - and there's no one else that can quite top her. She's never afraid to push the style envelope - just to be half as chic as her, one could only hope. So if you happen to see such style as the next fashion onslaught - you know that it all started with the illustrious Ms. Why-Not.

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