Monday, May 10, 2010

Afternoon Tea

This afternoon over a nice cup of coconut tea, I was reading through my BlackBerry notes (I was attempting to see which notes I would transfer to my new BlackBerry), when I came across my 'Summer Goals'. As I was reading through the list, I realized that the goals I had set last summer still applied to my current situation. Was it that I hadn't accomplished a single goal? Or was it simply that my goals are the same each year regardless of whether they are accomplished or not?
I came to the conclusion, that each year I always want something better than the year before - whether it be an improvement in one of the Bikram poses, a better camera (film or digital), a new reason to get my sister to visit me, or even a reason to celebrate life. Each year, my goals are specifically outlined, but over time they resemble an ideal that I had built for myself; an ideal that was fulfilled at one time or another, but now seem to require refocusing...

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