Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ms. Beachy-Chic

She sips seabreezes down by the seashore - the seabreezes she sips are delicious for sure! A Ms who spends all day at the beachy - is without a doubt pretty peachy-keeny. She plans accordingly for her day at the shore - bringing an ice bucket filled with her cocktail du jour. Head to toe clad a la beachy-chic - and delighted by the notion of the fun she'll seek. Oh the pleasure she'll partake in will be pleasantly perf - as she sips seabreezes all day long by the surf.

1. Gargyle Super Sunglasses 2. Hermes, La Legende Du Poisson Corail Scarf 3. Kate Spade, Monterey Bay Clamshell Necklace 4. Kate Spade, Folley Beach Small Bedadictia 5. Seaton Surf, Kissing Seahorse Boyfriend Cardigan 6. Tom Ford Lipstick 7. Mr. Ice Bucket 8. Seaton Surf, Canvas Shorts 9. Kate Spade, Candice Espadrilles

Design + Poetry: Mrs. Lilien

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