Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ms. Cooks-A-Lot

Ms. Cooks-A-Lot is domestically delightful - in the kitchen she is culinarily insightful. She's a classic Ms with modern sensibilities - perfectly costumed and equipped with all the essential utilities. Her food preparation skills are undoubtedly razor sharp - she can butcher, truss and roast a duck while in the dark. She's rather fluent with French cuisine - her meals are presentation perfect and worthy of a foodie magazine. She's won't shy away from tricky seafood dishes - she'll take requests and exceed your mouthwatering wishes. Her dinner parties are things of legends - she's known to astound her guests with her tasty inventions. I'm pretty sure it's the special elixir that she fills her cup - as to why she's so happy while she's whipping something up. You'll never really know what it is that she throws in her gold pot - she keeps her recipes secret [as she should] she's Ms. Cook-A-Lot.

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