Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ms. Meyer

It is with pure pleasure that I introduce the lovely Ms. Meyer - she's super sweet, seriously - I'm no liar! She's got a funny thing for lemons - so much so that she imports them from Yemen! Although she's mostly sweet at times she can be a little sour - but her moodiness is usually short lived, and gone within an hour. And for that matter she keeps all kinds of sugar laying around - she prefers it in cube form and stocks it by the pound. She enjoys partaking a good lemon drop - at which point she'll pick up the phone and call you to talk. Mainly, she likes to chat about all things yellow - and for the most part your conversations are pretty mellow. And if you have an ailment, she's got just the thing - a hot spiked cup of lemon zing! According to her, lemons are great even when you're sober - not to mention the perfect thing for a Ms hangover! She's a fabulous Ms, despite being a little tart - she's a loyal friend who'll love you with all her lemony Ms heart.

Design + Poetry: Mrs. Lilien

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