Friday, March 19, 2010

Ms. Tropicana

Look out, here comes Ms. Tropicana - she's all kinds of Mrs, why she's the top banana! You probably saw her the last time you were at the casino - she was the tall glammy Ms drinking the expensive vino. She's utterly over the top, not to mention super showy - it's pretty much required because she's an uber high rolly. This Ms has her very own craps table - it's gold and diamond encrusted, this is no fable! She also has her own special gold dice - before she rolls them she kisses them twice and shakes them thrice - and how they land is rather precise. She practices day and night - and when it's game time she's absolutely outta sight. She'll school you at black jack - for, she's got a fierce card playing knack - once you take her on, there's no looking back! She always wears her lucky ring that's every kind of bling - and yes, it's the real thing - she paid for it with a single winning, can you say cha-ching?! If to the casino, you've never been - she'll take you by the arm and show you how to win. And when you are with her there's no way to loose - let's not forget copious amounts of free booze! On lookers may glaze over and become a little star stuck - but that's what happens when your with lady luck. So next time you make it to the city of sin - try to meet up with Ms. Tropicana, it'll be an absolute win-win!

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