Monday, March 29, 2010

Ms. Hooky

Playing Hooky is what this Ms. is all about - she's a real funstress that's quite devout. She does what makes her truly happy - things that make her sing and clappy. It's perhaps late morning that she rolls out of beddy - and first things first, she treats herself to a mani-pedi! It's here that she relaxes and rests her eyes - luxuriating in her leisurely sighs. She'll burry her nose in a book over a late brunch - heck she could read all day, she's in no time crunch. She'll bring her camera along to photo at her leisure - there's just nothing like snapping photos for pleasure. She'll probably enjoy a long lovely stroll - to which you'll join her after she gives you the ol' hooky cajole. Oh what a fabulous funstress is our dear Ms. Hooky - she's so darn leisurely and wow, what a look-y!

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