Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ms. Palm Springs

Well hello there Ms. Palm Springs - you're looking mighty lovely in all that spring blings! She knocks my socks off when I ask her 'how goes it?' - 'Merely magnificent' she replies looking dazzling - and knows it. She ravishes in her palate so citrusy - turning heads and looking rather misstressy. She's dressed to the nines for her long day by the pool - looking quite colorful, all resorty and cool. Would you expect anything less from a professional pool go-er? I surely hope not, especially once you got to know her. She takes her cocktails high, on the rocks and rather juicy - she sips them the whole day long keeping her chatty and quite loosey. In her purse she keeps handfuls of fun money - so that at the spa she can get rubbed down with sugar and honey. She's well versed in the good life and knows how to relax - she gets what she wants and doesn't wince at the resort tax. 'Trah-lah-lah' is what she quietly sings - she hasn't a care in the world, she's Ms. Palm Springs.

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