Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ms. Sunset

Ms. Sunset is a glowing Ms you see - she glitters something fierce and fancy free. She prefers warm sunsetty hues - and bedecks as such from her jewels to her shoes. She shows up looking adorable and somewhat paper doll-ish - she takes creative freedoms and paints her nails with alternating polish. This is a Ms who works diligently all day - and at sunset treats herself to a bottle of good of Rosé. She forgoes din-din in lieu of hours d'ourves - she indulges in the good stuff as it enhances her Ms curves. Her favorite time of day is five o'clock - to which takes her cocktail on a sunset walk. It's her inner warmth that makes her glow - she's sweet to everyone and boy does it show. At half past the hour she seemingly blends right in - she basks in the sunset as the peachy hues set it. This Ms is a delightful little treasure - her warmth is beyond any measure and being in her company is an absolute pleasure! She's a righteous and peachy coquette - that dazzling Ms. Sunset!

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