Monday, March 1, 2010

Ms. Uptown

Let me introduce you to Ms. Uptown - consistently clad in 4" pumps and a becoming day-gown. Always impeccably dressed and pretty prim and proper - she's well versed in what's-what and a decisively discerning shopper. She knows what she wants and has the established means to acquire - all the things that her Ms heart could possibly desire. Her days are filled with shopping and lunch dates - and periodic visits Dr. Dermy who charges the uptown rates. She's careful to leave home with all her befitting necessities - a melange of mood lifters and a mini bar with all the amenities. Who knew that her little clutch - could be filled with so much! She's genuine, good looking and perfectly impossible - she's a momentous Ms who's immaculately unstoppable. This is Ms. Uptown, a Ms that I proudly proclaim - most notably as the upper side's grande dame.

1. Boned Wait Dress 2. Deconstruction Choker 3. Diamond Mini Studs 4. Cat Eye Sunglasses 5. White Jewel Gloves 6. Square Encrusted Framed Lella 7. Patent Leather Pumps 8. Pills Mini Purse 9. White Caviar Illuminating Serum 10. Mini Bar

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