Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ms. Weekender

Meet Ms. Weekender - you might have met her during last weekend's bender - she was that Ms who was super chic and slender - but then again, you might not remember! Either way, she's a splendidly stellar lady - and if you ask me she's got it pretty madey in the shadey! Her life consists of constant weekend trips - usually jetting off on luxury cruise ships. Not the kind that are the floating resorts - but the ones that pull into private and exotic ports. She has unlimited travel vouchers - to locales that don't cater to slouchers. She's keenly well versed in how to pack - the things she fits in her bag, my she's got the knack! She always travels with refreshments and a delightful read - when you think about it, it's all you really need. When she travels, she's quite the worldly Ms - when abroad she always greets with two cheek kisses. She explores all her destination's hidden gems - and then records them in her travel journal as lovely little poems. She's good about keeping her trips short and sweet - you'd be surprised at what in a weekend she can complete. This is Ms. Weekender, you kinda want to hate her - but you never know you just might meet up with her sooner or later.

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